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State Judicial Nominating Commission

The State Judicial Nominating Commission interviews applicants and selects nominees for appointment to the Iowa Supreme Court and the Iowa Court of Appeals.  This commission is composed of a chair, eight commissioners elected by lawyers (two from each congressional district), and eight commissioners appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Iowa Senate (two from each congressional district).  The chair is the senior justice of the Iowa Supreme Court other than the chief justice.  All commissioners but the chair serve for a term of six years.    

Within sixty days of receiving a notice of a judicial vacancy from the secretary of state, the commission must submit the names of nominees to the governor. The commission selects three nominees for each appointment to the supreme court and three nominees for each appointment to the court of appeals.    

Judicial Officers

  • The Iowa Constitution requires each Iowa judge to be:
    • A  lawyer admitted to practice law in Iowa
    • A resident of the state, district, or county to which they are nominated
    • Of an age as they can serve a full term of office before reaching age 72
  • Forms for Application for Judicial Office
  • Oath of Office

Current vacancies on the Iowa Supreme Court and Iowa Court of Appeals

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