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Magistrate Appointing Commissions

Each of Iowa’s 99 counties has a magistrate appointing commission to assist with the selection of district associate judges, associate juvenile judges, associate probate judges, and magistrates.  Each magistrate nominating commission is composed of the following members:  a district court judge who serves as chair and who is designated by the chief judge of the judicial district, up to three non lawyer members appointed by the board of supervisors, and up to two lawyers elected by the attorneys in the county.  The board of supervisors may not appoint an active law enforcement officer as a commissioner.  A county attorney may not serve on the commission.  Commissioners, except for the district court judge, serve six-year terms.

2021 Apportionment of Judicial Magistrate Positions to the Counties and Summary of 2021 Magistrate Allocations to Each County

District associate judges, associate juvenile judges, and associate probate judges are appointed by the district judges of the judicial election district from nominees the magistrate appointing commission submits.

The magistrate appointing commission appoints magistrates. 

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