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Judicial District 7

Judicial Vacancies in District 7

District 7 Notice of District Judge Vacancy with InstructionsApplication, and Background Information (June 4, 2021) (Judge Cleve)

2021 Apportionment of Judicial Magistrate Positions to the Counties and Summary of 2021 Magistrate Allocations to Each County

Judicial Candidates in District 7

District 7 District Judge Vacancy Agenda and Interview Schedule (June 22, 2021)

Meena Brandt

Meghan Corbin

Michael Motto

Joel Walker

Judicial Nominees in District 7

District 7 District Judge Vacancy Nominees (July 8, 2021)

Judicial Appointments in District 7

There are currently no appointments in District 7

District 7 Judicial Nominating Commission


Honorable Mark D. Cleve, Davenport

Appointed Term Expires
David Kendell, Bellevue 1-31-22
Fred Grunder, Wilton 1-31-22
Patricia Barglof, Bennett 1-31-26
CJ Ryan, Muscatine 1-31-24
Verla Wulf, Grand Mound     1-31-24


Elected Term Expires
Jennie Clausen, Davenport 1-31-22
Steven J. Kahler, Maquoketa 1-31-24
Kelsey Ann Ward Marquard, Davenport 1-31-24
William J. Bush, Davenport 1-31-26
Mikkie Schiltz, Davenport 1-31-26

State and District Judicial Nominating Commissions Internal Rules


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