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Judicial District 7

Judicial Vacancies in District 7

District 7 Notice of District Judge Vacancy with Applications Forms (September 19, 2019) (Judge Howes)
        Part 1: Personal Background Information Form  
        Part 2A: Confidential Information Form 
        Part 2B: Confidential Information, Disclosure and Release Form 
        Part 3: Credit Search Authorization Form

Judicial Candidates in District 7

District 7 Candidates for District Judge Vacancy with Applications (October 14, 2019) (Judge Howes)

Judicial Nominees in District 7

District 7 Nominees for District Judge Vacancy (November 7, 2019) (Judge Howes)

Judicial Appointments in District 7

There are currently no appointments in District 7

District 7 Judicial Nominating Commission


Honorable Mark D. Cleve, Davenport

Appointed Term Expires
David Kendell, Bellevue 1-31-22
Fred Grunder, Wilton 1-31-22
Dawn Smith, Durant 1-31-20
Steven Shaw, Bettendorf 1-31-24
Verla Wulf, Grand Mound     1-31-24


Elected Term Expires
Jennie Clausen, Davenport 1-31-20
Steven J. Kahler, Maquoketa 1-31-24
Kelsey Ann Ward Marquard, Davenport 1-31-24
Ian Russell, Davenport 1-31-20
Andrea Mason, Davenport 1-31-20


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