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Judicial District 6

Judicial Vacancies in District 6

2021 Apportionment of Judicial Magistrate Positions to the Counties and Summary of 2021 Magistrate Allocations to Each County

District 6 Amended Notice of District Associate Judge Vacancy with Instructions, Application Part 1, Application Part 2A, Application Part 2B, and Application Part 3 (March 19, 2021) (New position)

District 6 Notice of District Judge Vacancy with InstructionsApplication, and Background Information (January 20, 2021) (Judge Grady)

Judicial Candidates in District 6

District 6 Candidates for District Associate Judge Vacancy with Interview Schedule and Applications (April 12, 2021) (New position)

District 6 Candidates for District Judge Vacancy with Interview Schedule, Applications, and Writing Samples (February 22, 2021) (Judge Grady)

Judicial Nominees in District 6

District 6 Nominees for District Judge Vacancy (March 3, 2021) (Judge Grady)

Judicial Appointments in District 6

District 6 Appointment as District Judge (March 25, 2021) (Judge Lightfoot)

District 6 Judicial Nominating Commission


Honorable Mitchell E. Turner

Appointed Term Expires
Steven L. Armstrong, Cedar Rapids 1-31-22
Tom Yeoman, Monticello 1-31-22
Charlotte Upah, Toledo 1-31-26
Adam Hocker, Williamsburg 1-31-24
Jennifer Zahradnik, Belle Plaine 1-31-24


Elected Term Expires
Darin Luneckas, Cedar Rapids 1-31-22
Thomas Deacon Steven Farnsworth, Iowa City 1-31-24
Caitlin L. Slessor, Cedar Rapids 1-31-24
Mary K. Hoefer, Iowa City 1-31-26
Michael K. Lahammer, Cedar Rapids 1-31-26

State and District Judicial Nominating Commissions Internal Rules


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