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Judicial District 5

Judicial Vacancies in District 5

District 5A Notice of District Associate Judge Vacancy  (July 2, 2021) (New position)

District 5A Notice of District Judge Vacancy with InstructionsApplication, Commission Member Contact Information, and Background Information (June 28, 2021) (Judge Clogg)

Judicial Candidates in District 5

District 5A Candidates for District Associate Judge Vacancy with Interview Schedule (New Position) (August 9, 2021)

District 5A Candidates for District Judge Vacancy with Interview Schedule, Applications, and Writing Samples (July 28, 2021) (Judge Clogg)

Judicial Nominees In District 5

District 5A Nominees for District Associate Judge Vacancy (August 16, 2021) (New position)

District 5C Nominees for District Judge Vacancy (August 11, 2021) (Judge Clogg)

Judicial Appointments in District 5

District 5C Appointment for District Judge Vacancy (September 2, 2021) (Judge Ritchie)

District 5A Appointment for District Associate Judge Vacancy (August 30, 2021) (Judge Crisp)

District 5A Judicial Nominating Commission


Honorable Martha Mertz, Knoxville

Appointed Term Expires
Tyler De Haan, Urbandale  1-31-22
Kathleen (Katy) Downes, Winterset  1-31-22
Erik Askelsen, Indianola 1-31-26
Marlys Popma, Kellogg 1-31-24
Robert (Bob) Bird, Dexter 1-31-24


Elected Term Expires
Meggan Guns, West Des Moines 1-31-22
Ashley N. Grieser, Waukee 1-31-24
Scott A. Hall, Adel 1-31-24
Kimberley K. Baer, Van Meter 1-31-26
Peter W. Blink, Newton 1-31-26

District 5B Judicial Nominating Commission

Notice of Pending Special Election in District 5B For District Judicial Nominating Commissioner
Nominating Petition for Special Judicial Nominating Commissioner for District 5B Special Election  

5B Special Election Results (April 2, 2021)


Honorable Dustria Relph, Corydon

Appointed Term Expires
Paul Maynes, Lenox 1-31-22
Mary Alisha Kale, Osceola 1-31-22
Clel Baudler, Greenfield 1-31-24
Craig Scott, Chariton 1-31-26
Brenda DeVore, Promise City 1-31-24


Elected Term Expires
Loretta Harvey, Creston 1-31-22
George B. Jones, Lamoni 1-31-24
Amanda May Demichelis, Chariton  1-31-24
Paul M. Goldsmith, Chariton 1-31-26
Tonita M. Helton, Leon 1-31-26

District 5C Judicial Nominating Commission


Honorable Scott D. Rosenberg, Polk County

Appointed Term Expires
Nicole Crain, Windsor Heights  1-31-22
Denise Bubeck, Grimes 1-31-26
Michael Currie, Des Moines 1-31-26
Steve Boal, Ankeny 1-31-24
Brett Roberts, Des Moines 1-31-24


Elected Term Expires
Gerald Feuerhelm, Des Moines 1-31-22
Brooke Timmer, Urbandale 1-31-22
Frederick W. James, Des Moines 1-31-24
John F. Fatino, Des Moines 1-31-26
Tammy M. Westhoff Gentry, Des Moines 1-31-26

State and District Judicial Nominating Commissions Internal Rules


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