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Judicial District 3

Judicial Vacancies in District 3

District 3B Notice of District Judge Vacancy with Applications Forms (September 18, 2019) (Judge Schumacher)
        Part 1: Personal Background Information Form  
        Part 2A: Confidential Information Form 
        Part 2B: Confidential Information, Disclosure and Release Form 
        Part 3: Credit Search Authorization Form

Judicial Candidates in District 3

There are currently no candidates in District 3

Judicial Nominees in District 3

There are currently no nominees in District 3

Judicial Appointments in District 3

There are currently no appointments in District 3

District 3A Judicial Nominating Commission


Honorable David Lester, Spirit Lake

Appointed Term Expires
Joe Skow, Spencer 1-31-22
Royd Chambers, Sheldon 1-31-20
Ellengray Gutzman Kennedy, Bancroft 1-31-24
Jodie Greig, Estherville 1-31-24
Lois Clark, Teril 1-31-24


Elected Term Expires
Abby Walleck, Spirit Lake 1-31-22
Jason Matthew Cook, Cherokee 1-31-24
Shawna Nolan Ditsworth, Spirit Lake 1-31-24
Scott Buchanan, Algona 1-31-20
Jill Davis, Spencer 1-31-20

District 3B Judicial Nominating Commission


Honorable Duane Hoffmeyer, Sioux City

Appointed Term Expires
Robert Stewart, Sioux City 1-31-22
Arlan Ecklund, Denison 1-31-22
Delana Ihrke, LeMars 1-31-20
Teresa Paulsrud, Danbury 1-31-24
Vera Verdoorn, Hull 1-31-24


Elected Term Expires
Jennifer Zupp, Denison 1-31-22
Amanda J. Bahenda, Sioux Center 1-31-24
Timothy S. Bottaro,  Sioux City 1-31-24
Frank Tenura, Sioux City 1-31-20
Priscilla E. Forsyth, Sioux City 1-31-20


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