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Judicial District 3

Judicial Vacancies in District 3

2021 Apportionment of Judicial Magistrate Positions to the Counties and Summary of 2021 Magistrate Allocations to Each County

District 3A Notice of District Judge Vacancy with InstructionsApplication, and Background Information (January 20, 2021) (Judge Lester)

Judicial Candidates in District 3

District 3A Candidates for District Judge Vacancy with Interview Schedule, Applications, and Writing Samples (February 8, 2021) (Judge Lester)

Judicial Nominees in District 3

District 3A Nominees for District Judge Vacancy (February 25, 2021) (Judge Lester)

Judicial Appointments in District 3

District 3A Appointment as District Judge (March 25, 2021) (Judge Sandy)

District 3A Judicial Nominating Commission


Honorable Nancy L. Whittenburg, Spencer

Appointed Term Expires
Bill Anderson, Cherokee 1-31-22
George Schneidermann, Rock Rapids 1-31-26
Ellengray Gutzman Kennedy, Bancroft 1-31-22
Jodie Greig, Estherville 1-31-24
Lois Clark, Teril 1-31-24


Elected Term Expires
Abby Walleck, Spirit Lake 1-31-22
Jason Matthew Cook, Cherokee 1-31-24
Shawna Nolan Ditsworth, Spirit Lake 1-31-24
John Matthew Loughlin, Cherokee 1-31-26
Pamela A. Wingert, Spirit Lake 1-31-26

District 3B Judicial Nominating Commission


Honorable Duane Hoffmeyer, Sioux City

Appointed Term Expires
Robert Stewart, Sioux City 1-31-22
Arlan Ecklund, Denison 1-31-22
Teresa Paulsrud, Danbury 1-31-24
Vera Verdoorn, Hull 1-31-24


Elected Term Expires
Jennifer Zupp, Denison 1-31-22
Amanda J. Bahenda, Sioux Center 1-31-24
Timothy S. Bottaro,  Sioux City 1-31-24
Frank Tenuta, Sioux City 1-31-26
Rosalynd J. Koob, Sioux City 1-31-26

State and District Judicial Nominating Commissions Internal Rules


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