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Judicial District 2

Judicial Vacancies in District 2

District (2B) Notice of District Judge Vacancy (May 7, 2019) (Judge Oeth)

Judicial Candidates in District 2

District 2B Candidates for District Judge Vacancy (May 24, 2019) (Judge Oeth) with Interview Schedule

Judicial Nominees in District 2

District 2B Nominees for District Judge Vacancy (May 31, 2019) (Judge Oath)

Judicial Appointments in District 2

District 2B Appointment as District Judge (June 28, 2019) (Judge Polking)
District 2 Appointment as Hardin County Magistrate (June 7, 2019) (Magistrate Deppe)

District 2A Judicial Nominating Commission


Honorable James M. Drew

Appointed Term Expires
David L. Wolter, Denver  1-31-22
David Siegrist, Wesley 1-31-22
Diane C. Thompson, Forest City 1-31-24
Carolyn Haugland, Clear Lake 1-31-20


Elected Term Expires
Joel Yunek, Mason City 1-31-22
Amy K. Swanson, Parkersburg 1-31-24
Brian D. Miller, Hampton 1-31-24
Kim Snitker, Mason City 1-31-20

District 2B Judicial Nominating Commission


Honorable Kurt Wilke

Appointed Term Expires
Matt Greteman, Carroll 1-31-22
Sally Kraayenbrink, Fort Dodge 1-31-22
Shannon Eldridge, State Center 1-31-20
Garrett Piklapp, Huxley 1-31-24
Gary L. Nystrom, Boone 1-31-24


Elected Term Expires
Stuart Cochrane, Fort Dodge 1-31-22
Meredith Catherine Nerem, Boone 1-31-24
Timothy L. Gartin, Ames  1-31-24
Eric Bidwell, Marshalltown 1-31-20
Christine Hunziker, Ames 1-31-20


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