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Judicial Vacancies in District 1

District 1B Notice of District Judge Vacancy with InstructionsApplication, and Background Information Forms (May 28, 2020)(Judge Stigler)

Judicial Candidates in District 1

District 1B Candidates for District Judge Vacancy with Interview Schedule, Applications, and Writing Samples (July 2, 2020) (Judge Stigler)

Judicial Nominees in District 1

District 1B Nominees for District Judge Vacancy (July 6, 2020) (Judge Stigler)

Judicial Appointments in District 1

District 1B Appointee for District Judge Vacancy (August 3, 2020) 

District 1A Judicial Nominating Commission


Honorable Monica Zrinyi Wittig

Appointed Term Expires
Matthew Giese, Dubuque  1-31-22
Kathleen J. Klimesh, Spillville 1-31-22
Duane Smith, Waukon 1-31-24
Lamont Davison, Delhi 1-31-26


Elected Term Expires
Whitney Schiller, Waukon 1-31-22
Dana Desimone, Decorah 1-31-24
Jeremy Thompson, Decorah 1-31-24
Stephanie Rose Fueger, Dubuque 1-31-26
Samuel Aaron Wooden, Dubuque 1-31-26

District 1B Judicial Nominating Commission


Honorable George L. Stigler

Appointed Term Expires
Rochelle Adkins, Cedar Falls  1-31-22
Conrad D. Clement, Cresco 1-31-22
Ruth Hamilton, Independence 1-31-24
Todd Geer, Grundy Center 1-31-24
Darin Rulapaugh, Oelwein 1-31-26


Elected Term Expires
Nina Forcier, Waterloo 1-31-22
James H. Cook, Waterloo 1-31-24
Laura Lee Folkerts, Waterloo 1-31-24
Joslyn Nichole Sailer, Cedar Falls 1-31-26
Eashaan Vajpeyi, Waterloo 1-31-26

State and District Judicial Nominating Commissions Internal Rules


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